With over 30,000 new apps being launched every month,

The battle to remain fresh, engaging and relevant has never been fiercer. Businesses spend billions of dollars annually in the quest to understand their users’ pain points and improve the way they engage with their apps. Clunky, passive surveys with microscopic response rates. Elaborate, astronomically expensive focus groups that tell you what you already know.

There simply has to be a better way. There is.


appee lets you find the answers to your questions with greater speed, accuracy and simplicity
than any other tool available. Here’s why it can work for you:

  • Simple
    Want to know how your users think you can make your app better? Just ask them. There is no simpler way to develop a better product and increase app retention and acquisition rates.

  • Cost Effective
    Make quick data driven decisions via real time reporting and save time and money by focusing on what really matters to your users.

  • Fast
    Engage directly with your users in real time. Get precisely the feedback you need by asking the right questions at the right time.

  • Intuitive
    Our clean, streamlined user interface makes it as easy for users to provide feedback as it is for your business to create surveys and analyze the data.

  • Engaging
    Engage with your users like never before with our unique in-app call to action. Drive higher response rates as your users never have to leave their app.

  • Truly Agile
    appee allows you to validate any product or service assumptions you have made. Iteratively and simply enable the build/learn/measure loop synonymous with Agile product development, and focus on adding value and minimize waste.

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Our Clients

See how appee has added value and helped businesses truly engage with their mobile app users.

Cricket Australia


“Setting up and publishing a campaign was done in a matter of minutes. The appee admin is simple, and gives you all the info you need quickly”. As soon as the campaign went live, the results started appearing in the appee admin portal. Because we were leading the feedback, topic, we knew exactly what we needed to ask, and the results were decisive”

– Daniel Jayne- Product Manager CA Live Mobile App

Client: Jean Hailes
Womens Health


As the content editor of a government funded app, being able to obtain substantiated statistics for reporting purposes was a problem I found difficult to solve until I learnt about Appee. Having the ability to ask real-time questions of our users, in an unobtrusive manner, was a godsend. Through using Appee, we’ve been able to gain incredible insight into our demographics and user experience and also gain invaluable feedback to help us improve our product. Appee is easy to use and makes the world of apps seem less intimidating and alien – I highly recommend it!

– Michaela Skilney – Content Editor Jean Hailles Mobile App

2 Dam Creative


With appee, I know that our clients are getting exactly the sort of feedback they need to make the right decisions about their app, and keep it an active and viable product in cluttered digital marketplace.”