Why Is Feedback Important? – 4 Things You Can Learn From Listening To You Clients

My early working life was, to put it mildly, unconventional.

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Engaging Developments – How App Developers Can Build-In Ongoing Value For Their Clients

The app development industry is estimated to grow to a value of US$101Billion by 2020, according to some measures.

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In today’s hyper-connected, feverish-paced world, it is not enough to simply run a business competently. To avoid the commercial waste-heap, businesses need to be acutely attuned to their customers’ needs

Losing Somehow – The Demise of Nokia and What We Can Learn From It

At the press conference to announce its acquisition by Microsoft, Nokia senior management all spontaneously broke into tears when CEO Stephen Elop concluded his remarks with words that quickly become part of business folklore: “We didn’t do anything wrong but somehow, we lost.”

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any app developer that thinks that they can simply throw out a few digital carrots and have an instantly successful app is likely kidding themselves. To be successful, gamification needs to be well thought out and, most importantly, tailored to appeal the app’s target demographic.

Get Your Game On – Harnessing the Power of Gamification to Bolster User Engagement

Gamification is one of the big buzzwords in the mobile app world and a strategy that app developers employ in order to bolster user engagement with their products.

digital marketing in sports

With so much at stake, teams are investing heavily in research, marketing and sales strategies to engage their fans and convert casual attendees to committed members

One Game At A Time – Winning Digital Marketing In Sports

It is no secret that sport is big business. And when we say big, we mean, really big.

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“people make too much of gut feelings. Gut feelings probably mean food poisoning.”

Data Driven Decision Making – Enabling Better Outcomes.

When it comes to using gut feelings to make business decisions, author Brian Doyle said it best: “people make too much of gut feelings. Gut feelings probably mean food poisoning.”

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As the dust settles in the aftermath of the most bitter and surreal US Presidential election of all time, the entire world has been left scratching our collective heads, wondering how this is even possible.

Make Your Business Great Again

What We Can Learn From Trump’s Shock Win


Appee is enabling organisations of all types to pick their audience’s brains in real-time and radically increase the speed, flexibility and accuracy of decision making based on hard data coming directly from users.

Crowdshaping – Changing the Face of User Engagement

Imagine a world in which the revellers run the party or customers drive their own user experience.

digital marketing in the insurance industry

He laughed and told him to return when he had at least 5 times that to spend. At AU$148 (US$113) per click, that keyword is the most expensive Google Adword in existence. Far from an outlier, most insurance-related keywords start at a stratospheric $90-$100 per click.

Breaking The Barrier – Digital Marketing In The Insurance Industry

A friend of mine recently told me about an insurance industry client that inquired about a Paid Search campaign with a budget of $2000/month, targeting “low-cost life insurance”.


The truth is that just releasing an app to the general public is no longer the benchmark for success. The number of downloads and installs tell us very little about the condition of an app or more importantly, why people might be disengaged from it.

Do you really know your app users?

You might look at your app analytics and see thousands of downloads every day and think that you’re doing really well, right? But the truth of the matter is that many apps have a poor retention rate. The average app loses 77% of its daily mobile users (DMU) in the first three days.